Safe Mediumship 101 And How To Choose A Good Medium

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As a young girl, I watched my mother get suckered by an unscrupulous fortune teller. As an adult, I had a reading with a medium who couldn’t tell an earthbound spirit from an enlightened spirit. This caused an immense deal of trouble for me, especially since I didn’t know how psychic I truly was at the time. Earthbounds are called “ghosts” and enlightened spirits are those spirits who have crossed into the Light. Ghosts choose to stay earthbound and gradually decay from old age just like human beings, becoming like an old person with dementia. Only their decay is of the spirit, not just the brain and body. They drain people’s energy and cause havoc. Enlightened spirits are positive, helpful, and joyous. ANY GOOD MEDIUM WILL KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, AND IF THEY DON’T, RUN DON’T WALK!!!

Any medium worth their salt will gladly share their “process,” a set ritual or prayer practice that they do before your reading. If their process doesn’t include having an intention set specifically for only receiving Divine or healing guidance, said in any way they choose, then you must know that there is the danger the guidance they bring will cause harm or be from an earthbound spirit, or worse. In fact, S. Connolly, a self-described “demonolatress” (a person who worships demons) recommends doing absolutely NO protective incantation, prayer, or ritual before engaging demons. Her rationale, which makes perfect sense to me and follows my thinking here, is if someone desires to be open to ALL energies, to do the appropriate ritual that brings them forth without protection. So a medium who states to their client, “I promised my guides I would bring forth whatever information I get,” is clearly opening themselves up in the same way Ms. Connolly does. If you want to chat with a demon or ghost, then go right ahead and give the medium the $150 per half hour they charge. Ms. Connolly sounds like she knows what she is doing, so why not go straight to her? It could be the same thing.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of mediums and channelers practicing out there, charging a lot of money, who bring forth negative, earthbound, and dark energies without meaning to do so. Then when you ask them about it, they get defensive or deny it. The best way to know if you are getting appropriate, positive, Divine guidance is to ask yourself if the information you have been given is helpful or healing. If it feels wrong, makes you feel bad, attacks your self esteem, tells you you were someone else specific (as in a name) in a past life, know that the information you are getting is dubious. Ask the medium if they perform any protective ritual, say a prayer, or declare to only receive guidance from the Divine, or something similar before they read for clients. Don’t listen to what they told you if they do not and don’t go back to that medium if they say something like, “I have an understanding with my spirit guides to only pass on what I get from Spirit, good or bad.” (But WHAT KIND of  “spirit guide” are they receiving?) The information these mediums bring might be very on-target, but the quality of it in your life will be poor. If you want high quality mediumship, go to mediums who only practice safely with healing intentions, and Divine spirits.

I never in a million years thought I would ever agree with a demonolatress!! LOL! 🙂 🙂

When I asked my Piatnik Lenormand deck about commenting on my article, they said:


Translated: Many (FISH) devoted mystics (STARS DOG) are naive (CHILD).


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