Please Read Before Deciding to Follow My Blog

First, my blog is not for beginners. My blog is aimed at honing interpretive skills with the Lenormand deck, and to do that, you must know the traditional meanings of the cards and the basic theories of the deck. There are some fabulous teaching blogs out there (AndybC and his Cartomante’s Cabinet at, Madame Jozefa Seaqueen at, Lord Elwin at the tarotforum, the TABI forum, Fennario, and Caitlin Matthews, are a just a few), as well as courses you can buy (online: Caitlin Matthews, Iris Treppner; the Dos Ventos and Steinbach books are ones I have used). Some wonderful blogs to follow for extra learning and to see how other readers use their cards are Alyna’s, and Madame Nadia at Once you know at least two alternative meanings of the cards, that is a noun and an adjective¬†(I will cover some verbs here) meaning for each of the 36 images, then you will be better able to follow. I recommend knowing the card theory of subject then adjective to the right that AndybC teaches on his magnificent blog. There is also a book by Sylvie Steinbach, but it does not adhere to the traditional methods that I employ here. I find her book to be good in giving different anatomical, time, and planetary references, as does the Treppner Course, but her support of a new approach to Lenormand that she states clearly on page 166, is not what my blog is about:

“Being open to your intuition is a crucial step in developing your psychic abilities. If you are a beginner, you will probably have to look up the cards’ meanings in the book. But, before you do so, you should listen within. This step trains the brain to produce its own psychic language…”

My blog certainly entails the use of my psychic ability, as that is what I am and what I was prior to learning the cards! However, I do not recommend making intuitive responses about the cards before knowing their traditional meanings. If you use your Lenormand cards in the way Ms. Steinbach suggests in the quote above, you will be totally lost on my blog and will not be able to follow. I recommend staying with her style and teaching dynamic as my style is not for you. In order to follow my blog, a basic knowledge of the original way the cards are used is necessary.

Also, Lenormand does not and should not EVER use reversals. If you are using your cards this way, close my blog and do not return until you have stopped abusing your deck…I cannot help you in any way.

Now, I am mainly concentrating on card combinations of three or more, with a little focus given to two card pairings. At the moment, I am quite capable of reading an entire eight card phrase. Five cards are, of course, faster and easier for me, but this is why I am writing this blog! The more a reader becomes accustomed to the nuances of the combinations of meanings of each card and contextualizing it into a multi-card phrase, the more the reader can understand the sentence being given from Spirit. This concept, that the cards speak from Spirit, may be quite challenging for some readers, but this is the way I read my cards. (It does not mean you have to read your cards like me, so I ask you to refrain from commenting or judging my use of the cards). Does that Spirit come from a place outside of myself or a place inside of myself? I do not know- no one can ever know for sure…so I choose to view my relationship with my cards as both: an external AND internal conversation depicted in a series of pictures on cards. In order to be facile with this conversation, one must know the language, however. That language can be in Lenormand French, Lenormand German, Lenormand Dutch, Lenormand Russian, etc.

As for my Grand Tableaus, well, I am still working on them. I don’t think they are something that comes easy. I do know that since being able to read a line of cards in a row together more efficiently, I have become more precise and that only happens with practice, practice, practice. And more practice. I hope to become more proficient over time.

After nearly three years, I’m still learning the language every time I pick up the deck. I expect that this will be the case until the day I die. My learning will never stop. Anyone who thinks they have mastered Lenormand is still a student, just doesn’t know it because they haven’t expanded their awareness of what these little pictures can and do say. Some traditionalists may have an issue about the way I see the cards and the statement I just made, but to them I quote Swami Krishnananda:

“He who knows, knows not. He who knows not, knows.”

So, please, open your mind and join me for an exercise or two…




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