Clearing the Bad, Keeping the Good: House Clearing

file1841288428472Mediums don’t like doing it; some refuse to do it. House clearing (“exorcism” in the religious vernacular) is a subject that no one likes to address in public. Yet every major religion has a ritual and prayer for such circumstances. the Catholic Church has a highly active department devoted to such activities. They do not like to address it. I DO clear houses and attachments from people. It is definitely NOT everyone’s cup of tea, but I don’t mind it.

Before I go into a house, I will usually do a Lenormand mediumship spread. I want to know what to look for and how bad the problem is from a spiritual perspective. The client will always give me their experiences, and this I value, but the cards will show me what is going on in the spirit world behind the scenes.

When I do a mediumship spread, it is always begun with me encircling myself in a shield of protection. I pray for Divine guidance and healing information to come through my cards. Then I shuffle and cut as usual.

The first thing I do is find the HOUSE card, which will show me the spiritual condition of the house I will be clearing. Is it surrounded by the CLOUDS, SUN,  or COFFIN? Clearly, the residents have called me for a reason, so there must be something happening there. Sometimes it is just the residents, so I look for the cards representing them. Are they psychic? Confused? Ill? I need to know what I am dealing with before I step foot into that residence. Problems in houses are not just because they are haunted per se; problems can come from the people who live there, too.

The COFFIN card tells a lot about a house. The condition of the COFFIN card will give you a good idea whether a spirit has crossed over or not. Any card preceding it mean they have not crossed. Period. So if we see WOMAN COFFIN, this is not good! ( In fact, in regular spreads it is not good when the significator is like this. We want to see the COFFIN on the LEFT of the WOMAN). What we would have wanted to see had she gone into the Light is either COFFIN WOMAN or WOMAN COFFIN SUN- meaning I can cross her over. CLOUDS  card can also signify whether a spirit is crossed over by the direction of the dark clouds. If you have a deck where the dark clouds are hard to see, either darken them yourself, or order a proper deck with good dark clouds.


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