An Interview With Lauren Forestell

Insightful interview with Lauren Forestell.

Traditional Lenormand Fortunetellers Guild


(Interviewed by Caitlín Matthews)

What drew you to reproduce antique Lenormand decks?

This is a long story. Are you sure you want it?

When I first became enamored with the Lenormand it didn’t take long to be drawn to the antique decks because of the simplicity and clarity of the symbols.

I remember vividly when it began. I read Le Fanu’s blog in September of 2012 and saw his new find: Dondorf’s first Lenormand deck. Loved the lilac circles containing the card numbers and, opposite at the top, the publisher’s name visually balancing the card. Many of the colors differed from the Dondorf decks that I already had. And I was smitten with the colors that of the signature Dondorf back design.

I already had the large and small versions of the Carreras tobacco cards and the French Cartomancy version that use the Dondorf art. While I admire the art…

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