The Cartomantic Mindset, Part 2

Excellent summation of the differences in Lenormand and Tarot- worth reading in full and waiting for the next post ūüôā

Traditional Lenormand Fortunetellers Guild

Why and how Lenormand Reading is different from modern methods of Tarot Reading
by Caitlín Matthews


First of all let’s look at the most obvious differences between Tarot and Lenormand, so that we can get a sense of what we are talking about:

Tarot                                                              Lenormand
78 cards                                                       36 cards
Major and minor cards                         All cards of equal weight (except Man & Woman)
Upright & Reversed cards                   Cards always read upright
Read on spread positions                    Read by proximity to each other
Esoteric                                                       Non-esoteric
Complex symbolism                              Single, simple image with additional playing card inset
Cards read by their images                 Cards read by their keywords
Passive Significator                               Active Significator/s left in deck
Cards speak floridly                              Cards speak tersely

Cards of Equal Weight: In Tarot, trumps or major cards have an archetypal and pips or minors a pragmatic weight to…

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