Warning: I am Not PC

I do not have a Facebook link for a reason. I do not go onto the popular cartomancy sites and argue my points. I know it is utterly useless in the face of stupidity.

What is the “face of stupidity, ” you ask?

The Cambridge online dictionary defines stupidity as “lacking in thought or intelligence.” Here’s an example:

A person picks up a tool that they do not know how to use. They use it anyway, incorrectly. Someone adept at using that same tool happens to tell them the correct way to use it, and instead of listening, the Face of Stupidity keeps using the tool incorrectly all the while claiming the person who tried to show them was a bully, judgmental, and closed-minded.

The tool was a pen. The person who knew how to use it was telling the Face of Stupidity, “No, you are not supposed to use it for that purpose, you are supposed to write with it- like this.” The Face of Stupidity insisted that his way was fine, he needed no guidance, and the knowledgable person should be more open-minded. So the Face of Stupidity kept shoving the pen up his ass.

This is the state of Lenormand in America. It is a sad and woeful plight, full of ego and ignorance…people who gain their self worth from their intuitive ability insisting that using a tool for something it was never intended for is working just fine for them.

And while anyone can look at a pen and shove it into any orifice they choose, the majority of intelligent, sound-minded people would much rather write with it and take a laxative when they really need it.

As for the intuitives who insist on using a pen as an enema, I say, “Go for it.” Just don’t expect me to think it is very smart or to keep my mouth shut about it. I do not care if someone calls me out on a site and thinks I am a Lennie Nazi. No one is forcing them to log onto my site and they can click away at any moment. I have seen far too much damage done to people who go to a psychic or card reader for advice and walk away feeling worse than when they arrived, or had their money taken by someone who claimed expertise in something they have little knowledge about. I have witnessed people calling well-meaning mediums who, because they thought too much of themselves and failed to take precautions, ended up giving their unsuspecting client something awful to deal with.

Now, everyone explores and learns. I am not talking about learning or even a psychic who is currently learning traditional Lenormand, or any new tool. I am talking about people who are intuitive, who have been told the right way to use the cards, and yet think they can somehow reinvent the wheel or have some fascinating New Age revelations about them. The Universe is watching- charging money for bad advice will come back around to them.

I sit every week in circle of highly gifted mediums that number about 30. Intuitive ability is present in  many, many people so I neither think it is extraordinary or it makes me any more “enlightened” than someone who is not. Some intuitives CAN read Lenormand very well! And this gives them an edge.

So keep shoving that pen up your bum if you like.

New pens

New pens (Photo credit: churl)


6 thoughts on “Warning: I am Not PC

  1. Although I live in US, I find it deeply disturbing that Lenormand gets very twisted by newbies who, after awhile, think that because they are using Lenormand cards that they ‘know’ how to read Lenormand. Gets me into trouble when I add my comments on forums.

    But it is very sad because the possibilities (on forums) could be limitless but discussions there are like chewing gum: lots of activity but no substance.

  2. Unfortunately, certain author/s of very popular Lenormand book/s have written that the cards can and should be used intuitively, regardless of their original meanings. Up until recently that particular book has been the only widely available book about Lenormand in English. This idea has spread like wildfire because everyone in the US recognizes the Doreen Virtue style cards and many people, myself included, own and use a deck. Now, there’s nothing wrong with those Doreen Virtue style cards. But if I want to play Monopoly, I don’t use a Scrabble board.
    As for the forums, I find a lot of people like to talk fluff and fog when it comes to the New Age and spirituality on the whole…they would rather say something that sounds pretty than really address issues with substance. I like poetry, too, but not when I go to see someone for a reading! I want solid info by someone who knows what they are doing. And frankly, because people who do this kind of work may be intuitive and come to base a good deal of self-worth on that, I find more and more that they are never really willing to just admit they might be wrong, or off a little. I had a very annoying experience in my mediumship circle recently with a person who doesn’t attend very often. She read for me and when I told her I couldn’t accept the info she gave to me, she refused to admit she was wrong. In fact, she came up to me after I had left, in the parking lot, and started reading for me again and trying to get me to say she had been correct! I said, “No, that is not correct.” On another occasion, a fellow who is not a regular gave me a reading I couldn’t accept and instead of just saying he was wrong, he made some poppycock explanation up and the leader of the circle said, “I don’t know what that means.” So no one in this work inherently wants to admit that they do NOT know it all! People come to us for guidance and that can give someone who does this work a guru complex, where they think they are superior because they have people coming to them for advice. These are the people on the forums who you cannot tell anything to. They have all the answers, clearly.

  3. I cannot comment on the USA specifically, but what I have found in 2013 is the students are far less open to learning the full system than they were in 2012. It could be that there has been two books published by readers with <2 years experience so far, and another due out in December, giving false impresssions.

    However, I feel that since the 1990s people just don't have a work ethic. Nobody wants to be an apprentice, they want to go straight to MD.

    • Yeah! Well, the quality of the reading will come out. Word gets around as to who is really good and who is not. There seems to be a phobia of telling people they are wrong these days, and therefore they never really learn that they have hurt someone or how to lose graciously. I think always being right affects learning, too. The New Age community has somehow accepted the psychic and mystical as a part of common practice without really supplying boundaries for what is helpful and healthy and what is not. So there is this hippy-dippy- no one-is-wrong thing happening where someone with solid boundaries and practices can easily be pigeonholed as closed minded. It is here in mediumship as well- where there is this idea that tuning into Spirit means that all spirits you tune into are Divine. So even though someone has objects flying around their house after visiting a reckless medium, there is no one saying, “That medium isn’t practicing safe methods.”

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