An Open Letter To New Lenormand Readers

Here is a very realistic, honest, common sense, down to earth viewpoint about learning the cards. If you like and use the Doreen Virtue style, New Age cards, stick with those- do not take up Lenormand unless you have a knack for languages and a thirst to learn, because that is what it takes. It DOES NOT take psychic ability or a heightened intuition to read them! In fact, this is the deck of EVERY MAN- anyone who wants to learn a visual language can learn these cards. The Coffin is not death; the Lady is not the Goddess; the Snake is not Asclepius! Just read the damn cards. It might not stroke your need to feel spiritually superior, but do we really need anymore freakin’ gurus??!!! I think not.

"fate keeps on happening"

Old primer

So you’ve decided to try learning Lenormand. Welcome, and I hope you succeed. Some don’t, it’s not for everyone, but you really won’t know for sure if you don’t make an effort. Just keep in mind that the effort involves drudge work, rote memorization and repetitive practice.

I’ve posted bits about this before, all over this blog and elsewhere, about choosing a traditional deck, finding good mentors, and avoiding the pitfalls of study material created by people who have no clue what they’re talking about, who make ridiculous claims that the folk tradition doesn’t exist (a folk tradition is what Lenormand is BY DEFINITION), or who let insanely ridiculous misconceptions (like interpreting the Lady as “the goddess”) go unremarked. Paradoxically, most of the stuff out there is from people like that.

There’s a tendency these days online to say we should “respect all viewpoints and opinions”. This sounds good in…

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4 thoughts on “An Open Letter To New Lenormand Readers

  1. Lenormand tells a story. A much more straightforward and practical story than Tarot. I’m continually frustrated by those who insist that “it doesn’t matter how you read the cards…” Well, you’re right, but if you’re doing it differently than tradition dictates, it’s not Lenormand anymore. It’s something else.

    • Thanks for your comment!

      In my opinion it DOES matter how you read the cards. I have witnessed very bad readings and read blogs written by people who clearly don’t know how to read the cards in the way they were intended. They then pass on substandard information, some of which is extremely negative (as was the case where one blogger used reversals) to a client when in actuality, the throw was very positive. What kind of crap did the client of that reader get as a “professional” reading? I hope that client didn’t internalize that reading! Readings like that can make people very upset, and no, life is not all puppy dogs and roses, but the reader should be responsible in the way they use their tools. If you don’t know how to use Lenormand, they can be very negative, and readers can rack up A LOT of bad karma by refusing to use their tools responsibly. So what I say is meant to protect both the reader and the client. Mind you, no one is perfect and we are all on a learning curve when we begin with the cards. But at least the effort to know the cards is being made and spiritual responsibility is being taken.

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    • Fabulous, Gwynne! Thanks for your reply 🙂
      It seems these days all it takes to garner comment online from someone is to say you practice traditional Lenormand or to comment on traditional Lenormand sites. I have no Facebook page, I do not comment on popular cartomancy sites, nor am I out for mass appeal, yet somehow I am called a “Nazi” in my approach to Lenormand. I only read Lenormand cards, period. Knowing the traditional style these days is enough to be deemed inflexible and closed minded. It is mind boggling.

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