An Excuse For Laziness, or Is It Ignorance?

I don’t know of a single kid that likes doing homework. I hated it! Don’t get me wrong- I always enjoyed learning. I still keep up with my interest in ancient knowledge and culture by studying anthropologic and archaeological essays on the most current discoveries being made by scientists. I have an emotional connection to my books and if I ever had to sell them, I would be left stunted and lame.

The egotistical and envious Villain

The egotistical and envious Villain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Darwinism has asserted itself. In the argument of whether Lenormand cards can be read without knowing the meanings, more “kids” who don’t like homework, but who have very little focus or will to study, will assert that they can get very good results from the cards. I am sure they do get good results. But their results could be better if they knew how to really read them. The only way to do it is to study the cards, and unfortunately that requires a bit of homework, focus, and a will to study.


I was saddened to hear of  the banning of AndybC from the AT forum. I was very saddened to hear that such negative judgement (“egotistical”), from people who proclaim to be “enlightened” no less,  about a fellow cartomantik could be possible in an otherwise harmless and passive hobby as Lenormand. I think it is extraordinary! If I ever came across a person who reads cards for money who would say such things I’d run the other way…they certainly don’t act enlightened and I certainly DON”T want them giving me advice. I think it is even more extraordinary that Andy got banned from the forum. Some people don’t like hearing the truth- that you can indeed use the Lenormand as you would any other deck, but your results will not be very accurate. I don’t know why the word “tradition” in cartomancy has to be so negative- I don’t understand why some people see the actual learning process as “egotistical.” I don’t know what on earth is so offensive about actually KNOWING what you are doing. There is a nasty thread of fundamentalism in the world and it exists in the New Age community, too. Is it right to judge others from a place of ignorance? Or is it just that these people don’t want to put the time and effort into the tradition? I like to study so am I “egotistical” or simply curious? I get it- you don’t have the time and drive to do it, but you want instant gratification. I never liked homework, either. But you don’t get knowledge by desiring it. You have to work for it. It is extraordinarily egotistical to think you can have a meaningful grasp on a tool you’ve never used properly before simply because you might have a little bit of psychic ability. Well, darlings, so do a multitude of other readers who really know the cards and they give better readings than you.





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