Developing Internal “Voice”

Little Voice (film)

One of the most misunderstood, and dare I say “controversial” (I’m not sure card reading qualifies) debates in Lenormand is the idea of “voice” and of “intuitive reading.” For our purposes here I will define “intuitive reading” to be looking at the image on the card and reading it based on what it means to you, the reader, not what the traditional meanings are. I define “voice” as knowing what each symbol on the card means, reading the symbol correctly in relation to the cards around it, and formulating a prediction based on the skill you currently have. (It is the same as reading a book and your brain recites the words to you as you read). These are two very different things.

Is it possible to use Lenormand  in “intuitive reading”?


Will it be a good reading?


There is a degree of detail available in the cards that is lost when the reading is done completely intuitively as opposed to having learned a “voice.” Your voice will depend on the level of skill you have with them. You develop skill by honing your understanding as thoroughly as possible of how each card functions on its own and within the cypher (in relation to however many cards you throw). If the COFFIN falls to the right of the HORSEMAN and the HORSEMAN faces left, clearly you as the reader need to focus your reading toward the cards on the left of the HORSEMAN, and highlight the cards to its right as that which must conclude. The cards speak to the reader- they direct us, unlike other divinatory tools. They show us the circumstances in the client’s life and how to guide the client. It is our duty to try to interpret them with as much accuracy as we can. I know of no other tool that speaks to the reader and includes us in such a way as Lenormand. It is a constant internal vs. external experience when using them. To me, it is a grave mistake to exclude myself as I read the cards for a client in a GT or a mediumship throw. (Line of 9 or 3×3 is different). In my mediumship throws, I allow cards to speak directly to me for direction.

I wish I had a dime for every time I googled a Lenormand blog and read about the reader using reversals and intuition instead of taking the time to know the cypher and its meanings. What appear to be perfectly fine, positive readings become garbled negative warnings of doom and gloom; or worse, they are so confused that they end up formulating a prediction that is really shite, like “you  have problems in your relationship.” Or “someone will pay you money.” No shit Sherlock…if we are alive both of these things will be true. A better reading would be “Because you don’t get along with your mother-in-law and the way she gossips, you disagree with your husband and it interferes in your marriage.” Or “Someone who is tall with red hair will give you money to paint a portrait by July of 2014.” This level of detail is possible if you know the cards and how they function.

The problem is there is quite a learning curve with Lenormand and very few people have the patience to really get to know them. I am nothing special- I am intermediate in my knowledge compared to Madame Seaqueen and AndybC, but I know a good reading when I get it and when I give it. The secret is simply knowing the cards. The internal “voice” comes naturally afterward. It is as if the cards are talking to you like a friend.

A gossipy friend.

A gossipy friend who can be a little bossy.

And bitchy.


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