Will S. Be Successful In His New Venture?

S. is a successful business owner wanting to expand his enterprise. He is the brother of a client in another country. To see if this will be successful, I threw a Line of Nine.

The worst photo ever taken of Lenormand cards: MICE SNAKE ROADS FISH FOX MAN LILY STORKS HOUSE

The worst photo ever taken of Lenormand cards: MICE SNAKE ROADS FISH FOX MAN LILY STORKS HOUSE

There are a few cards that have more weight than others, IMHO, in Lenormand. The MICE is one, as are the other negative cards. There are some positive cards that I always look for as well, but if you are doing a Grand Tableau, you want to find the negative cards first as it will save you time. But I digress.

I could tell at once that this was not a favorable prospect at the moment because the MICE is the first card- one of the most prominent in the throw- and the FOX is the Key card. Right now, it will be very difficult, and is perhaps not the best time to expand his business as it looks like he has separated himself from an older woman who is either his wife or mother (SNAKE). The ROADS describe the SNAKE, falling afterward, which is a classic indication of a break-up or a decision to go in a different direction. The ROADS always lead somewhere…it is your job to find out where. Here it looks like there’s a lot that is wrong with things in the past. FISH describes multiple decisions or opportunities (ROADS) that he has had presented to him, but they’re all wrong. FISH+FOX can be an accountant if it modifies a person, as it does here in reflection to the MAN. ROADS+FISH+FOX can also mean that many decisions were very tricky, if not downright bad in the past. FISH, don’t forget, means “many” when it describes a card.

My querent is seen after the FOX, which is in a good placing for FOX. I tend to read the left of the FOX as the negative aspect of the card, and the right of the FOX as the positive aspect of the card, which is cleverness. AndybC says that when the FOX comes to the right of the card, it means this is a person you want to keep on your good side. MAN + LILY+ STORK means he looks to be dealing with changes in his family. LILY can also be protection, an older person, serenity, or an affair. Now, my personal style of reading these cards is to see what cards are around the cards that can be read in several ways. For instance, there is LILY, HOUSE, STORK, and SNAKE comprising nearly half of the throw. All of those cards together describe changes in a family, not an affair, whereby SNAKE could also be seen as a mistress by a reader who may not be experienced. The presence of the HOUSE card pretty much clarifies the entire spread as it is the last card in the line, finishing the answer of “MICE HOUSE.” This is NOT a throw telling me that he has broken off with a mistress; this is the throw of a man who is most likely separating himself from his wife or mother, possibly due to some kind of illness or loss. If he were sitting before me, I would have asked him if he were having problems with his mother simply because LILY STORK HOUSE, to me, says “blood relatives.” STORKS are an indicator of birth. I read the MICE as what comes before them is lost, and what comes after becomes more important in it’s absolutely negative aspect. Here it clearly says that there is a lot of negativity in the family business.

When I advised my querent that it looked to me as if S. had separated from his mother and changes had come to his blood relatives, it was confirmed. Because MICE HOUSE is the answer, I also said there had been issues with finding the right space; that there was a place that presented itself in the past but there were too many problems. This was also confirmed. To add a bit of insight to the throw, I always look at the bottom card. Here it was DOG. It looked to me that he had not found the right place to open a second restaurant, but if he kept looking, it would present itself. These cards are the cards of a man whose mother had greatly disappointed him. It was explained to me that her behavior, though in the past she had been an asset, had been poor lately, and the family suspected substance abuse. His decision was to break out on his own, find a new accountant and organizational person, and to wait for the right opportunity.

I have no doubt S. will be successful in his new venture…he has the experience and the intelligence to know when to change course, even when faced with close family relationships.


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