From Fennario’s Weblog, “Books: Learning Lenormand”

This is a very good article from Fennario about the latest English language Lenormand instruction book to hit the shelves. Lenormand has been a folk tradition since it was created in the 1800’s. There are some New Age readers out there who take the “Doreen Virtue” approach to Lenormand, but it is a great mistake. This is like trying to replace a car tire with a bike tire- the result is it gets you nowhere. Some readers like to rely upon the traditional playing card theories for Lenormand, but that, too, is a mistake. There are not many Lenormand readers for good reason: it takes time to learn a language. Lenormand is  a visual language. Those people who are using the deck to prompt their intuition without knowing how to use the cards, a la the Doreen Virtue decks that are so popular now ( and I have a few that I really like and use, so this is in no way a criticism of those cards and their intended use), will not get accurate or clear readings because their intended use was different than the Virtue decks. When you buy this deck, be prepared to do your homework, or use some other deck. This is the best advice I can give anyone who wants to learn Lenormand.


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