A Little Gratitude…

To Madame Seaqueen, AndybC, Fennario, Alyna, Joanne, and everyone who bothers to read my little blog– thanks for your support, help, and guidance. I am not very tech-savvy and can barely type, so as I write my posts I do try to figure things out like “Like-ing” and “Linking” and the sort. I don’t have it all down yet, by any means, and I really dislike social media, so it is quite challenging for me. I’m sure one day I will get it, but without a Facebook page and the like, I seem to be at a social loss. Oh well…I will have to just try to add some links. I’m not sure what reblogging does, but I added Madame Seaqueen’s elegant post on Chakra Readings and I hope it doesn’t offend her. (Is reblogging good or bad?) In other words, thanks for your patience and please understand I am fairly new to blogging. Thanks for the Likes and the props on your blogs. It is all greatly appreciated.


Praying Hands (Dürer)

Praying Hands (Dürer) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


2 thoughts on “A Little Gratitude…

    • Thanks, Fennario 🙂 I wasn’t sure if it violated anyone’s sense of ownership.

      Thanks for publishing the letter from Andy. It is sad that he has chosen to withdraw. He will be missed.

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