“Seeing” Death in a Lenormand Spread

English: Skull and crossbones

English: Skull and crossbones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Today I was asked about seeing death in the cards. In the four years that I have immersed myself in the cards, I have only seen it once. I saw physical violence once. The physical violence was abusive and not an accident. It was in a full board (9×4) and had several combinations of cards that insinuated physical, repeated beatings of a child. The death reading I did for a client, not myself. I am not counting my recent post “Is Lenormand Objective?” because it was a reading for myself and not originally done to post on the blog.

I have mentioned in my “Blacklist” post that I recently created a Blacklist due to the fibbing of a new client, one whose mother was seriously ill and I believed she wouldn’t recover. Now I KNOW that my judgment of the severity of her illness is correct in several ways:

1). There were several card combinations that looked dire.

2).One combination was the classic COFFIN+ CROSS, modified by the KEY

3).The MICE appeared in an important position.

4). After I told my client that I didn’t think her mother (SNAKE+COFFIN+CROSS) was going to get better, her cell phone rang. I could hear the man’s loud, deep voice on the phone saying, “I’m calling regarding your terminally ill mother…”

Mind you, to read death in a client’s spread is generally not good practice. However, because her mother’s health issues were written all over her cards, I felt very compelled to say what I saw. The rule of thumb here is that there has to be more than one card combination (most Lenormand newbies think the COFFIN is the one indicator of death; it is not- it is only an indicator of depression, an artistic career, and endings). No one wants to hear about impending death! I based my judgment of death in the line of nine from the post “Is Lenormand Objective?” on the same prominent cards seen in this client’s spread. I don’t take those judgments lightly, and I think all readers and psychics should be very careful in readings when dealing with illness and death.

The thing to keep in mind is the language of the cards. That is why it is so incredibly important to KNOW what each and every meaning of the card is and how the cards interact together. There is more than one way to say “death” and I can think of several that do not involve the COFFIN card at all.


4 thoughts on ““Seeing” Death in a Lenormand Spread

  1. She didn’t care about her terminally ill mother- she said wanted to know about her affair. When the cards say “Talk to this woman about the death of her mother because she will regret it later” then that is what I try to do in the most responsible way possible. She was certainly uplifted to hear her affair was coming back! I personally don’t care to ever read that person again. She was the one lying to me and I called her on it.

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