Is Lenormand Objective?

Okay…this may seem deceptively simple. MOST anyone would say that all card interpretation, and indeed all divination, could never, ever be objective. Now, I am learning several really great lessons by previously stating in my “Please Read Before Deciding To Follow My Blog” post that it is not my intention to debate whether Lenormand is an inner conversation or if it has a spirit attached to it, as some readers believe. (I am now eating my words like a flaky pot pie on a cold Winter’s night). However, I am leaving the subject open, as I myself have been astonished by these little cards on more than one occasion. I have also been befuddled by them! And that just makes me, personally, leave open the possibility that maybe there’s more at work in this deck than just pictures on paper. I know this subject has been discussed elsewhere, by Mama Whodun and others…but mind you, the deck is still JUST a tool. In fact, the “voice” of the deck- and by this I mean the peculiar way the cards “sound” as you read- has been described by AndybC as being that of a grumpy old relative. And it is soooo very true: they sound like my crotchety old aunt giving me an earful over tea at the kitchen table. I need to qualify my words here because I have to say I did try Tarot very briefly twice. Both times the cards never really resonated with me. I felt the interpretations could be a bit generic at times. I never felt that way with the Lenormand and this is one reason they are so fascinating to me. Then I saw that nearly every Lenormand afficienado reads them for themselves, which until then, to me,was verbotten! You just DIDN’T, under any circumstance, ever read for yourself. Yet here Lennies all over the world are doing just that. Why? Well, here’s a good example for why they do it: Last month I did a personal reading for myself. My question was,”What can I do to procure the best possible life for my brother?” The answer was, “Die.” Yeah. Those little fuckers told me I should die. (KEY +COFFIN). Now, I am fully aware that I am far more likely to die of cancer than the average person…however, I have been in remission for nearly  three years and had the best possible outcome I could ever expect under the circumstances, an outcome that some describe as “miraculous.” I fully intend on living as long as I can! I certainly wasn’t imposing a pre-conceived idea to the cards as I was expecting something like “write a letter” (WHIP LETTER) or “Hire an attorney” (FISH BEAR)…and I was really referring to his housing and depressive tendency. I certainly wasn’t glad to see KEY-FREAKIN’-COFFIN!!! I do not desire to die- never would have suggested it and the cards just spat it out like “no big deal.” I don’t want to go into detail, but in a way, if I were to pass my brother would benefit… I hadn’t thought of it like that before. Some could say that maybe KEY+COFFIN means “Nothing” or “Not certain.” But I can honestly say I wasn’t looking for that either, as evidenced by me asking the question to start. The KEY accentuates, and indeed solidifies, all that is around it, for better or worse. If COFFIN falls to the right of the KEY, which is the negative side of the COFFIN, the side that traditionally is draped, I would take that to mean a definite bad ending. Some would say that it merely means “certain illness”). And that I accept; however, COFFIN alone means “illness or depression.” Coupled with the KEY in a line of Nine, as I show below with MICE, it kinda’ says “Die.” So, objective spirit attached to the cards or subjective interpretation?

Well, all I know is that my curmudgeon of a deck told me I should die and I’m pissed at it.


Old woman pouring tea, unknown artist, 19th ce...

Old woman pouring tea, unknown artist, 19th century, OP582 (Photo credit: Black Country Museums)

Entire interpretation: If I receive a positive test result (LETTER as the focus, modified by the SUN+WOMAN) for a disease of the hip (KEY MICE ANCHOR HORSEMAN), my luck will end and I will die (WOMAN CLOVER COFFIN; the answer is always the first and last cards in the line: KEY COFFIN). But this is not certain (KEY MICE: Left side of the MICE eats the KEY and poops on the CLOVER, which is played up and could mean an illness that is doubled or happens twice, as in a recurrence). The cards are mirroring my speculative question. This shackles me (ANCHOR WOMAN) and gets me away from being happy. (HORSEMAN SUN, with the HORSEMAN going away from me and the SUN meaning I already know this).

Let this be a lesson to me now: be careful what I ask because I just might get it.

I suspect this is why Lenny readers have little reservation about asking the cards for themselves…the deck is bitchy. It is gossipy. It needs to learn to keep it’s mouth shut. It farts and belches without excuse; it’s as nasty and sassy as a divination tool can be. In fact, I am sure it talks behind my back to the other decks in my cabinet. It probably had this whole Line of Nine figured out before I ever threw the damned thing just to bother me! It is your worst frenemy. But it is pretty spot on, which is why I put up with the smelly, rude thing. One of my mentors recently recommended I stop reading my own cards, which I think is good advice for a psychic who doesn’t primarily use cards. I’d do it just to get back at the deck, but I know it would give me a guilt trip. It is just that way… They would talk me into making them a cuppa and rubbing their stinky, warty feet. Argh.

So, what do you think? Do you think the cards have a voice, a kind if spirit unto themselves, as Mama Whodun has suggested, and on occasion, I too have pondered…? Or do you think it is all completely subjective, a simple tool like all other tools? I’m not sure either way, but the deck is freaky.


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