Some Mediumship Combinations

English: Séance conducted by John Beattie, Bri...

English: Séance conducted by John Beattie, Bristol, England, 1872 from the Eugène Rochas Papers held at the American Philosophical Society Library. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some mediumship combinations done with the Piatnik deck, Clouds card has the dark clouds to the left. I ALWAYS use the Piatnik deck for mediumship spreads because the Clouds card is very easy to distinguish who is crossed over and who is not. Be careful! We as mediums do not want to bring through dangerous or earthbound spirits for a client!!!:

CLOUD (dark to left) MAN CROSS SUN: Saint, or spiritual master

MAN CLOUD CROSS COFFIN: Dark force entity

CLOUD SCYTHE: Divine Psychopomp, such as Archangel Michael (I sometimes call him “Orcus”)

CROSS BEAR WHIP STARS: African religious practice

SCYTHE WOMAN COFFIN SUN: A woman who died painfully, possibly by burning, but who crossed over successfully

SNAKE CLOUD: negative earthbound older woman (older than reader or client)

SNAKE LILY CLOUD: an old woman who is earthbound

COFFIN HORSEMAN: A spirit who is an undertaker, a Grim Reaper type.

COFFIN CLOUDS STORK: A divine spirit whose purpose is to transform

SNAKE CLOUDS COFFIN: A couple who need to go- they are up to no good and very negative, bringing out the worst in each other

BIRDS CLOUDS: An invocation of a spirit

BIRDS COFFIN CLOUDS: A curse invoking a spirit

CLOUDS BIRDS SUN: Divine angels; spoken blessing


CLOUDS SUN LILY BEAR STARS: Ascended master or God

CLOUDS COFFIN SCYTHE: Very dangerous earthbound Psychopomp- not divine at all; must send him back to wherever he came from!

There’s so many more with innumerable combinations, but this gives you an idea of how to differentiate who is a baddy and who is not.


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