Intention and Context: Angels or Demons?


I’m very glad to post again! Please forgive my unexpected break in blogging. I am so glad to be able to compose this for you today. 🙂

For those of you who know me personally, you will recognize the importance I place on ethics in our practice. There are places in the US where I could be arrested if I simply practiced the art of cartomancy and called myself a “fortune teller.” I am not just a fortune teller, and it is not my intention to be one. My focus is the spiritual aspect of Lenormand, which is different than other readers. (I have a lot of respect for people who are gifted “fortune tellers” and who are ethical in their approach, however). I am a practicing Universal Spiritualist who studies several spiritual traditions. I try very hard to embody my spiritual beliefs, and like every human, am totally imperfect. 🙂 It is my belief that when working with divination of ANY kind, the diviner (or in this case, card reader), is engaging in a conversation with him/her self, as it pertains to the outer world and in context of the question, whether it is for him/her self or someone else. Therefore, the information that the reader interprets comes through in ways that only he or she understands. This is a subjective interpretation, and anyone thinking otherwise is fooling themselves. For this reason, it is extremely important, in my belief, that the diviner strive for a good working knowledge of his/her chosen form of divination: the tool can only be as effective as the person wielding it…a pencil in the hand of a child is very different from the pencil in the hand of Da Vinci. Lenormand is the pencil. Are you a child or a master? It is also my belief that the diviner be completely ethical in setting a healing intention for the information he/she brings forth in order to master the divining process. Are you a child bringing forth healing information or are you a master bringing forth dangerous information? Sometimes healing information comes as a challenge to the client, and this is unfortunate. A thoughtful, healing intention can only serve to help us along our paths as readers, whether we are beginners or lifetime devotees.

As a diviner/spirit medium/healer, I believe that energy is within us as much as energy is outside of us. The Lenormand cards, therefore, to me, represent the outer energies of the world at large and my interpretation of the world at large comes through them internally. Lenormand is simply one set of beliefs,  as is astrology, as is Tarot, etc., which are tools of internal communication. How is it that the tools, when handled by an expert, may describe circumstances accurately of a stranger, someone the diviner has never known? This is a bigger question that I am unable to answer- I would be declaring that I know it all, that I believe my experience and understanding to be the only Universal truth…it is not. Anyone thinking they have all the answers to this question is certain to be disappointed. We may as well debate the existence of God! And this I refuse to do because until someone can prove spirits and God do not exist with a hundred percent proof and accuracy, I will always doubt and believe in the mysteries of Life and the Afterlife. To me, we can never know the answers to these questions because we are incarnate- mere mortals struggling to survive as best we can. From this place of humility is where I try to approach the cards, and it has been a place of comfort. Humility, in Lenormand speak, can be shown in a number of ways:

HOUSE CHILD LETTER: comfort that is small and plain

HOUSE CLOVER: comfort that is little

SUN CHILD: the success/power is innocence; an ego that is small

COFFIN BOOK (spine to the left): an ending that is unknown

FOX COFFIN: cleverness that ends

All of these variations have shades of meaning as deep as language itself. Only in the combined meaning of the cards and in context of the question can the diviner accurately “speak” Lenormand.  When I have a client and I see DOG MICE/LILY (/= above), I know they are not faithful to their spouse and will try to read for them in context of that aspect of their situation. It is not for me to decide whether that person who isn’t faithful to their spouse is a good or bad person- I know not if they are married to someone who has been on life support for a year or if that person is a gold digger…it IS my job to give them guidance as best I can, however. In this way, I try very hard to get as accurate a picture of their lives as I can, and this means peeking inside them.

Here are some multi-card combinations that depict the interior landscape of a person:

1). CLOVER SUN FISH MAN TOWER MOON MICE HEART ANCHOR: a man who is very successful and wealthy who isn’t in a long-term relationship, doesn’t suffer bad relationships and is perhaps a rich playboy-type

2). WOMAN HEART WHIP COFFIN SHIP FOX MOON: a woman who gets herself into obsessive, strife-ridden love affairs and would do better to figure out what she truly wants

3). MAN CHILD ANCHOR WOMAN BIRDS: a man who is childlike or younger than a female sibling who cares for him

4). MAN MOUNTAIN BIRDS WHIP SCYTHE COFFIN CROSS: a man who was physically abused by his parents and who died as a result

5). KEY COFFIN MOUNTAIN BEAR MAN GARDEN SNAKE ROADS CROSS: a man who parties with his mistress, abusing his marital finances, and is a real burden on his wife, to the point of serious illness or worse (because KEY is next to the COFFIN, I would look for other references to violent tendencies in this case)

6). MAN HEART WOMAN CHILD STARS: a man and woman whose love is very real, innocent, and pure

7). HEART DOG TOWER SUN FISH COFFIN MOON: a lover who is very choosey and sincere about who he/she associates with, who is not egomaniacal

If we look at number one, the context in which I gave the example is a description of a man who is currently not engaging in any relationships as he is concentrating on his company. If I had asked for advice for the man, the answer becomes oppositional: the man is being told to NOT engage in any negative, long-term relationships, and to concentrate on his corporate enterprise, as if he was being dragged down by negative relationships in the past. Advice takes on an oppositional characteristic that a description context does not.

The most basic rule of thumb in any divination process is the diviner’s intention. Is it your intention to bring through only helpful, healing information to your client or will you also bring through hurtful, confusing information to your client? It is important to recognize that the diviner’s intention is EVERYTHING. If we bring forth challenging information to others, we must try to deliver it in a way that is truthful, yet compassionate. (Some people simply cannot hear the truth no matter how compassionate, and this is unfortunate). I cannot stress enough the importance to intend to be of help to whomever sits before you.

TREE SCYTHE WHIP RING= karma is a bitch

It is also important to recognize that no one is perfect, so by doing our best and by setting a healing intention, we can then free ourselves of a good deal of strife. I cannot tell you the number of times someone has sat in front of me and told me of a card reader/spiritual advisor who gave them wrongful or hurtful information. I have been on the receiving end of a “spiritual” medium who gave me wrongful information. I managed to extract a good deal of learning from it eventually, but I know it could have been avoided. It was that medium’s intention to bring through whatever information came to them, regardless of the effect on me or others. If you are bringing through any and all information, then you must realize that you have the ability to bring through dangerous and painful information as well. If this is your intention, are you ready for the karma?

What do you think about this? Where do you stand on this issue?


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