Where Is He?

Today I share a recent spread I did to find someone. I have a brother who is mentally challenged and he likes to take walks around the neighborhood for exercise. However, he was very late coming home last weekend. Every now and then he will decide to take a big hike to parts unknown and this is cause for a great deal of anxiety for us. We are not sure why he does this, but he has a good sense of direction and knows how to navigate the streets well. But we still worry.

So this happened again. He was gone for nearly two hours on a walk that usually takes him 30-45 minutes. I turned to my cards and asked:

“Where is my brother?”




(Please forgive my bad photography). What is interesting is the FOX CLOVER combo, with the WOMAN BIRDS  as the answer. My phone rang right as I finished laying these cards out on my table! I am accustomed to seeing the Scythe, the Coffin, and the Cross for immediate timing in events, so I was surprised to see FOX CLOVER being extremely quick. And it makes sense:

A Fox is very astute and mentally fast. When coupled with a card known to be very quick, like the CLOVER, it means I will know very, very soon. LOL!

The focus card is the ROADS, which is literally in the neighborhood- within walking distance. Modified by the HOUSE, we see, that yes, the cards say he is near our house. WOMAN MOUNTAIN  and MAN BIRDS is quite significant because what happened was I accidentally locked my brother out! (WOMAN MOUNTAIN, MOUNTAIN MAN). I was on “autopilot” after getting the mail and apparently my force of habit took over. He had gone to the deli (HOUSE+FISH= store) two blocks away for a snack, didn’t have keys, and called to tell me he was locked out. I was in the shower when he tried to knock so I couldn’t hear him. (LILY means serenity, quiet, peacefulness, in addition to an affair, protection, or family). I find this fascinating because my brother ended up taking two trips to the deli- one for his snack, and when he couldn’t get in, he went back to call. Here we have the ROADS modified before and after with two cards that signify doubles or two of something: CLOVER and BIRDS. Typically, I would have looked for the WHIP for repetitions or anything that is done more than once. But here we see a unique example of how the Lenormand language is flexible and efficient in giving a reader accurate messages. They could have had HORSEMAN WHIP as him having to take two trips to the deli, but that wouldn’t be as efficient as letting me know he was soon going to call (MAN BIRDS).

I sometimes marvel at how elegant these cards can be!

Needless to say, I was glad he was home 🙂


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