Card# 33-The Key and Literal Meanings

Sometimes Lenormand gives me literal meanings, as I saw with the two dailies about Hurricane Sandy. (More on Sandy in another post). So I reached back into my Springtime draws in my old 20th century paper journal, and found something interesting to share today:

Now here is where 95% of most experienced Lenormand readers would say, “Oh, well, your going on a date or you’re going to receive an invitation to dinner- but a ‘happy meeting’ will take place today.” NO! That’s NOT what happened. Let me explain…

My thoughts about this draw that day were, “Either my friend Anne (who lives close-by) is going to drop in to see me (FLOWERS being read as a person, KEY is “for sure,” and HORSEMAN being read as walking or riding her bike to my house), or maybe my husband will send me flowers (FLOWERS being read as flowers, KEY is for sure, and HORSEMAN read as a delivery person) or want to go out tonight for dinner (FLOWERS+ HORSEMAN is a classic combo read as an invitation to go out or a date, and KEY is certain).” Either way, it was a happy draw and I was glad to get it. Yet neither of those things happened.

The Key makes whatever around it certain. So here it makes the Flowers card and the Horseman card certain. You can count on the surrounding cards to be a sure thing, in some way…and by this I mean the Key also has the ability to make cards around more literal. Here’s what actually happened:

I was eager that Spring day to fill in some empty places in my garden with some added punch and figured I would go by the garden center and purchase a few annuals for some complimentary color. The garden center is located on a six-lane boulevard, where cars often dodge in and out of traffic  because it is the main route that heads straight into Manhattan. As I was driving down this boulevard, a Mexican cowboy in full Mexican cowboy regalia cantered at full speed from around the corner and into the heavily trafficked boulevard on a HUGE horse! And it wasn’t like he was staying safely to the side in the bike lane, either. He looked like his purpose was to take the horse straight into traffic because he was in the center lane and going as fast as some of the cars. He wasn’t messing around with this horse- it was a very big breed who was absolutely fearless. Just before the turn- off to the garden center, the cowboy took this magnificent beast off the boulevard and around the corner. Everyone on the road slowed down and couldn’t believe what they were seeing. The horse was keeping up with the traffic and the guy clearly had control of it as he passed cars on the road, observing all the traffic lights as if he were a car. It was the damnedest thing I’ve ever seen in Manhattan bound traffic and that’s saying something.

So yeah- FLOWERS KEY HORSEMAN, is definitely being surprised (FLOWERS being read as a ‘surprise’ and KEY being ‘for sure’ or ‘certain’ or ‘really is’ + HORSEMAN) by a guy on a horse.

It is further evidence to me that with Lenormand, it seems essential to have a person, or client, in communication with you at the time of the reading BEFORE making any final assumptions about what the cards are trying to say! Part of the process for reading the cards is narrowing down and focusing the question in the right direction– and at times this is a challenge for me. Now, I hardly think or would expect a card reader to sit there and actually say, “You’re going to see a cowboy on a horse today and it will shock the shit out of you,” but with the Key here, it really could happen. LOL! The lesson here is that either of the things I first thought these cards could refer to could have really, in my daily life, happened and would have normally been more likely to happen. Trust me, if a card reader actually did say, “You’re going to be going to buy flowers today and while driving see a cowboy on a horse who will surprise you and make you laugh out loud” I’d look at him and say, “Oh- I don’t think so…this is New York.”

Which goes to prove that here in NYC, we really do see it all.

The other lesson in this daily draw is that the cards have layered meanings that typically repeat throughout the day in different ways. I’ve come to know that cards in a daily draw appear to reflect the energies of that day. Here, not only was I concerned with real flowers, but I was surprised as well. When I decided to get the flowers, I saw an actual horseman while driving (HORSEMAN is also the card for personal transport: walking, driving, cycling, and horseback riding). Later that day, I was walking to the store when I was surprised by a car that ran a stop sign as I was stepping off of the curb, ending by me shouting a series of well-chosen expletives. So a daily is really an indication of what Lenormand energy will be presenting itself for that 1-3 days in your life, and if the Key is there, you might really see a Stork with a Fish in it’s mouth in downtown Chicago!


8 thoughts on “Card# 33-The Key and Literal Meanings

  1. How about this one: you simply drove (key+horseman) to get some flowers (bouquet), lol. I guess the prediction would have been much more believable before the horseman actually showed up ;). Enjoyed reading this! Interesting blog 😀

    • Hi Blue,
      Thanks for your comment.
      That is certainly a possibility. I have found in a daily draw the cards will certainly point out the interesting highlights of the day; it is a rare occurrence that they don’t…and it isn’t every day that I see a cowboy on a huge horse, despite my proximity to a movie studio.

      HORSEMAN has other meanings besides a meeting or a message, one of which is an actual person on a horse or a horse itself- without a rider. The card has a dynamic energy accompanying it as well, so when reading the cards, it is one of the few I consider the direction it faces and where it falls in a spread. The direction it goes is where the energy is. Here, he faces the KEY- which is certainty. Had it been FLOWERS+ HORSEMAN+ KEY I would be more inclined to say “I will pick up flowers today.” The card on the left is always described by the card on the right. It was not, so the KEY HORSEMAN translation better reads “The certainty is a horseman.” Mind you, it could also be “The certainty is meeting someone or receiving a message.” It is a very tricky and subtle difference in how the cards are read, but nonetheless very important.

      Lenormand has all the tricky little nuances and accents that any spoken language has.

  2. That is very true! I was Googling Bouquet+Key and came across your blog. Actually drew these cards: Bouquet+Key+Horseman+Tree+Book for the month of July as a prediction. To see what comes up during that month for me. How would you interpret those? I. Really love your blog though because you read them in a unique way 😉

    • Thanks, Blue.

      I tend NOT to try to read other people’s throws these days. And there’s a very good reason for it. So, instead of interpreting YOUR throw, I threw one for you myself for the month of July:

      This speaks of a male friend who is definitely married or committed. Are you married? Yes- the GARDEN says he goes out- but the KEY says there’s a definite tie and the tie is “certainly a ring.” If you had suspicions about a friend who is married sneaking around, then I’d say he goes out, but it is most likely with his wife. (At this point, if you were my client, I would look at several other cards before making any negative judgments about whether this guy was a philandering…I just don’t see it here with these 5 cards.) Be careful about partying too much or you may get a hangover and feel depressed later. (COFFIN is the card of depression and GARDEN KEY is certainly socializing.)

      As for your throw and my “loose” interpretation of it, I’d say it was saying that you’re going to be surprised by a message (or a meeting or a horse :):) and waiting wouldn’t be prudent-but please bear in mind it was YOUR throw and your interpretation of it is more important than mine.

      • PS A male friend may also be getting married this month with these cards that I pulled for you. GARDEN KEY RING with the presence of a DOG makes me think of a wedding- GARDEN RING is a classic combo for wedding or engagement party.

      • Thanks Michelle :). I don’t have any male friends who are/will be getting married though. My ex did come back June 20th, so not sure if it’s him. I tend to network/socialize a lot online (Garden). The only known man this month has been my ex. Coffin is right though I do suffer from depression, and my ex is depressed over some issues he is going through. I will let you know what transpires though. Thanks again for your time and help! 😉

  3. Well- yes; it very well could be your ex. Were you married or engaged to him? He could be the one who goes out or to an engagement party/wedding and takes you with him. There’s an element of partying here- with RING it is a cycle or commitment. It could simply be saying you are back with your ex, too.

    As for your first throw, the important element of the answer is the BOOK. Which way does the spine face? What deck are you using? The only real way to give a good reading would be to see the cards you threw. If the spine faces away from the FLOWERS, then there’s a surprise coming you don’t know about. It could be related to your health (KEY TREE). You might be allergic to a tree nearby you previously didn’t know about. If the spine faces the FLOWERS, then you might want to watch your allergies and the pollen count when planning outdoor activities (HORSEMAN) like walking and running and exercise. You know the plants you are allergic to. If FLOWERS refer to a surprise or to creativity, then you can figure out the rest- it is just which way you interpret the throw. The answer is FLOWERS BOOK; the issue that is at hand is HORSEMAN.

  4. Yes, we were practically married :). We lived together for 7 years + and have two kids. We got engaged around 3 years into the relationship, but never had the drive to actually get married.

    I’m using Piatnik and the book is opened, but it’s opened facing away from all of the cards, so to me that indicates that it’s something that I don’t know yet. Yes, it could be about my health, I agree.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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