Hurricane Sandy: Some Daily Draws from the Week of Oct. 24-26, 2012 in NYC

Three card daily draw from October 24, 2012.

Three card daily draw from October 24, 2012.

Sad to say, many people in my area, New York, New York, took Hurricane Sandy far too lightly. If Ms. LiLo had anything to say about it, we wouldn’t have even known her name- Hurricane Suzy or Sarah or, ah well…who cares! What’s all the fuss about? “It’s just another Hurricane Irene and nothing to get my La Perlas in an uproar about,” was the sentiment shared by many in my area. But it was not; and the news said it was not going to be like Irene, that it WAS the Hurricane of the Century, and yes, we’ve heard it all before, I know, I know…However, when I turned to my cards in the days leading up to Sandy for a bit of a reality check on all the hype, things became very clear that this was not going to be another over-hyped, blustery Autumnal shower. My intuition was definitely saying, “This is going to be big” but I wanted more insight. And frankly, what better way to learn more about Lenormand?

The deck I use is the Piatnik deck, and I do so because it is a great deck for describing. It is the only deck I will use on this blog and is my preferred deck for professional readings. The reason I use it is because the cards have a good, general color theme that is true to Life. In other words, there are no pink Dogs or electric yellow Whips. There’s no mystical still life representing some kind of esoteric ideal instead of the image. It is what it is without fuss. This deck will always give you accurate descriptions of places, people, and things that the other decks will not. I cannot recommend it enough for this reason as it adds a layer of depth to every draw that you just don’t get in other Lenormand decks that use no true color or imagery. 

As you can see by the draw above on that Wednesday, the Clouds are the key card. Describing it is the Ship, which is then described by the Fish. The Clouds are unpredictable. I have come to see them as the agent of chaos, if not the embodiment of chaos within the 36 card deck. Because the Ship is describing the Clouds, I knew when I looked at the draw that the storm would be slow and creeping. The Ship, by nature, is a slow moving card. It is not as slow as the Tree or the Mountain, but if you need to estimate the speed of something, if the Ship describes it, it will most likely be  lumbering. I like to think of the Ship as the time it takes to travel by ship in the real world, as this was the time frame it represented back in the day when it was invented. Mind you, travel by ship has become a lot more efficient and fast since then, but it is all relative. So back then it may have represented a week to a month. Now, it most likely represents a week or two, the length of a cruise. Everything must be read within the time we have presently- in context. Without our present time context, the cards become confusing and outdated. They were never meant to be such. So when working with them, I tend to view each card as an archetype and then apply it to our present time. Otherwise, it just becomes a mish-mosh of theory and argument that I really have no time or patience for in my life.

But I digress.

So we see that an unpredictable situation (Clouds) is slow to come (Ship). Modifying the Ship is the Fish. Here things get interesting! Now, I could easily say that this daily draw could mean I would go to my beloved local Greek fishmonger, Nick, and have my order completely messed up (Clouds) because the boat that came in that morning (Ship) was stocked with something other than the sole ( Clouds Fish)I wanted for my supper with extended family. But it isn’t. This is where context is important! Yes, I have a fishmonger who gets fresh fish every day and I do on occasion order special stuff from him. (His oysters are particularly delicious and yummy- oh, stop that! Dirty minded people should be ashamed of yourselves). But clearly this spread is talking about the storm that meteorologists were predicting to hit that weekend. The interesting thing about this was, I had been seeing the Clouds in the spreads I was doing this August about the US presidential election. But I digress yet again. So sorry.

Ship+Fish can mean many things: a group or fleet of boats; the desire for money; getting organized; a fishing boat. It can also mean a heavy downpour that is slow to come. And here is where the cards are very accurate: a storm (Clouds) that is slowly moving (Ship) and bringing a lot of water (Fish). I know this is the right interpretation because the Clouds are also modified by the Fish- describing a storm with a great deal of water. In fact, because we have the Ship AND the Fish cards together, I could tell that the storm would bring a good deal of flooding, not because the Ship is there per se, but what ISN’T here: The Flowers. The Flowers were originally called The Rain card and signified sorrows being washed away. If this were a Spring shower, I would expect to see it here. It is not. It is a storm (Clouds) that is bringing BODIES of water, not simple showers and everyday thunderstorms. This gave me a great deal of pause. The Ship in this case became more magnified and much more ominous: an ocean of water brought by a storm.

What I want to point out here is that we have only one negative card with two neutral cards. Yet the negative card, Clouds, is the key card. It ramps up the negative nature of the cards that follow, even though the light clouds face the two neutral cards. Here is a perfect example of two neutral cards coming together to become quite ominous and negative. I have come to see that the so-called negative-neutral-positive card designations so prevalent in all the Lenormand systems are just generic outlines that serve little purpose once you become proficient. It is a weak borderline that is easily crossed incontext of other cards, especially the negative ones. It is all very relative to what is around it and it doesn’t matter that the Fish are harmless little creatures and money and that the Ship is longing and a boat…Oceans of water will rain on us here! Hellooooo!!!!

The 2 Kings on the playing card inserts also let me know this daily was giving me “a pronouncement”- a word of advice.

This is the daily draw from October 25, 20 12. Again, the Ship and the Clouds, modified by the Ring. Because I had the Ship and Clouds the day before, I really paid attention here. The question I had was, “Is the Ship still speaking about a slow movement of time, or is it speaking of the ocean?” Now, one thing I notice with the Lenormand cards is that sometimes they have double meanings, and this I mean, here, the Ship could be both. If the Ship is being described by the Clouds then at first, without knowledge of the draw from the day before, we might think it to be a journey that was chaotic and unpredictable. (Well, that isn’t far off what happened, but we are not speaking about a journey here.) In this case, the Ship is speaking of the slow movement of storm and the ocean churning unpredictably (Ship+ Clouds). The thing that made my hair stand up  on the back of my neck was the Ring. Clouds+ Ring is a storm( Clouds) that is a cycle: a CYCLONE. (Such a description could also be a tornado). The Ship+ Ring is another way of referring to the ocean tides. The Ring is often a cycle as well as a commitment. Modifying the Ship (which as we have said could also mean the ocean) we see it talks about the tides affecting a cyclone. Sometimes Ring refers to the outer perimeters of an object or situation, or even a hole. In this little three card draw, we get a layered and in depth view of exactly what this storm was turning into in a timely fashion… a slow moving, ocean dropping, cyclone whose impact was also being affected by tidal changes.

Because I use a fairly true-to-life deck, the cards themselves perfectly described the weather that had been happening in the days leading up to Sandy and shortly afterward. A slow humid cloud cover had descended upon our area so that there wasn’t exactly rain, but air that formed a constant mist. It was like walking through the vegetable aisle at the supermarket while the little misty thingy’s were on. The Ship’s insistence on being in my daily draws definitely related to the slow, cloudy weather pattern that felt like it took forever to clear. In reading the entire three card phrase, it warns of heading into a cyclone, of the tides pushing the cyclone straight into my area. These two daily draws were enough for me to look at the Hurricane in further detail the following day, as we shall see in my next post.



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